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The Tick-Borne Infections Council of North Carolina, Inc. is a non-profit organization working to improve the recognition, treatment, control, and understanding of tick-borne diseases in North Carolina.

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    • Educate the public, medical and veterinary pro­fessionals, school health nurses, and the public health system about tick-borne diseases in North Carolina, including risk factors, emerging infections, and prevention.
    • Encourage state public health agencies to con­duct ongoing surveillance of the prevalence of tick-borne infections in North Carolina citizens and in ticks and vectors; and make this information available to the public and the medical sector.
    • Work with the public health sector to ensure all tick-borne infections are reported at both county and state levels.
    • Support the public health sector in identifying and characterizing the newly emerging tick-borne infections in the Southeast.
    • Foster improved communication between health professionals and the public with respect to tick-borne diseases.
    • Maintain a registry of persons with tick-borne diseases in North Carolina.

    TIC-NC's New Tick Informational Brochure - 10/2013

    TIC-NC is very pleased to introduce our new tick informational brochure with new and current information on North Carolina ticks, tick-borne illnesses, how to prevent tick bites, how to remove a tick, and more.  This brochure is thanks to a contribution from Beat the Bite and to the many hours of writing, editing, and design volunteers.


    TIC-NC Brochure Cover

    TIC-NC's Community Education Program

    Tick-Borne Infections Council of North Carolina, Inc. is pleased to announce a project completed in Orange County, NC thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Yahoo! Employee Foundation (YEF).  YEF grants are given to non-profit organizations that include a focus on youth and education in their communities. The project began in the spring of 2013 by helping to educate Orange County school nurses about tick-related issues and assisting in the development of a protocol for treating students who present with an attached tick. This project was followed up by providing every student – 7,200 in total  (and, therefore, parents) with a bilingual handout in the end-of-year report cards describing ticks that are a danger to North Carolinians, the proper removal of ticks, symptoms of infection, and what to do if symptoms occur after tick exposure.

    As a continuation of the Yahoo grant project during the 2013 - 2014 school year in Chatham County, TIC-NC continued its education project by meeting with the Chatham school nurses and distributed the bilingual handout (see below) to over 9,200 students the 26 schools within the Chatham county school system.

    This project will continue with TIC-NC ensuring the education of tick-related issues within schools. We have plans to expand to other local school districts in the future.

    The Yahoo! Employee Foundation, founded in 1999, is a grassroots, philanthropic organization that brings together the talents, time, and financial resources of Yahoo! employees to serve the needs of communities around the globe.

    View the handouts:               


    Watch Us!  UNC Journalism Students and TIC-NC Members Present a PSA     TIC-NC PSA

    Ticks and the Role of the State

    Until 2011, the Public Health Pest Management (PHPM) section of NC Department of Environmental & Natural Resources was charged with helping to protect the public from vector-borne diseases.  Historically focusing on mosquitoes, they received additional funding in 2008 to expand their focus on ticks and tick-borne disease.   From 2008 until 2011, PHPM conducted extensive tick work, aiding the public with disease prevention. Legislative action abolished the section in July 2011 leaving the state without any public health branch to continue these activities.

    Therefore, since 2011, in spite of growing problems from ticks and tick-borne infections, the only tick-related state public health function is reporting of certain tick-borne infections as required by the Communicable Disease law.  epi.publichealth.nc.gov/cd/report.html

    TIC-NC Disclaimer

    CHECK OUT our slide shows about NC ticks on the About Ticks page and about preventing bites and illness on our Prevent Illness page.

    If you currently have or have ever had any tick-borne infections, please click here to learn more about our registry.

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    Download the 2015 Surveillance Memos from the NC Division of Public Health:

    2015 Rickettsial Surveillance Memo

    2015 Lyme Surveillance Memo

    2015 Arboviral Surveillance Memo


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